About Miss Breathing


Thank you for visiting my blog! 

I’m Mariela. I’m a writer who spends more time talking about writing than actually writing. I’m also an avid reader, TV dork, amateur tarot card reader, and lover of carbohydrates. 

I’m writing a novel (my first), and I am terrified. And excited. And a little lost. I created this blog primarily as a space to document the process of writing my novel. And yet, it’s bigger than that. This blog and this novel project are both about me learning how to get my shit together. 

A true Capricorn, I am terrified of failure. I hate imperfection. I keep putting off starting the blog and the novel and a million other things because I want everything I do to be perfect. I spent weeks obsessing over the layout of the blog. I looked at hundreds of themes and color schemes. I stressed over headshots as if the blogging gods would smite me for having a selfie on my profile. I stressed and stressed to the point of inaction. And then I realized that is exactly why I wanted to blog in the first place: so I wouldn’t be afraid to put imperfect things out in the world. 

In a way, this whole experience is a means of getting acquainted with imperfection. My writing might be unpolished, my pictures snapped on an iPhone 8, and my follower count teeny, but that’s ok. That’s the point. 

If you want to follow along with my novel progress or read my pseudo-therapeutic rants and occasional book reviews, feel free to hit that follow button! I’m as curious as you are to see how this goes…


Miss Breathing

P.S. Wanna know why I chose the name Miss Breathing? Check out my first blogpost for the full story!